Community of Christ london woodfield

October 27, 2018

A project team has been established in Partnership between Woodfield Community of Christ, Fairfax Virginia Circle Baptist Church and others to undertake fundraising  to install a solar/wind generation system at the Tania Re Integration Center to provide electrical power and make the center more self sufficient. The removal of the monthly cost of electrical power will eliminate one of the major re occurring costs associated with the operation of the boarding school for the 162 students.

Please visit the Tania Integrated Solar Project page for the details.

July  08, 2018

Woodfield Community of Christ Congregation is working  in conjunction with the Faith Community Reintegration Program (London) to assist in the work of the Mennonite Central Committee Ontario and the Correction Services of Canada to aid individuals re entering society after incarceration.
Our members donate basic predetermined household supplies to create Hampers for individuals moving from half way house accommodation into their own living quarters. As stated by the Faith Community Reintegration Project:

Housing is a particular challenge for many living on parole. Typically, after time in a residential facility, individuals must find housing within the community. Individual volunteers and faith communities alike are invited to help make this housing feel like home by preparing laundry hampers full of moving-day essentials (ie toilet paper, dish cloths, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc) to help with the transition to independent living.

In addition our membership include a monthly prayer for the needs of inmates and their families.
Finally we will be an open and inviting faith community that is accepting and compassionate to welcome individuals who wish to re engage in a Christian Worship setting into our church family.

"Souper Bowl" Sunday February 04, 2018

For the Communion service held February 4th we celebrated "Souper Bowl" Sunday. This entailed the collection of soup and food stuffs to donate to the London Food Bank.
Even though the weather was bad I want to thank those who attended as we filled the pot and more.