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Pastors notes: 2019

Hoping that you were blessed over the Christmas Season and have started 2019 with a positive New year.

As incoming Pastor in January 2018 I shared my thoughts regarding the Woodfield Congregation and entering my second year as Pastor I continue to be impressed by the generosity and spirit of the congregation.

The congregation has continued with the traditional methods to help individuals in the London community with the Christmas "Sox Box" drive collecting socks, hats and gloves for the London Men's Mission support. The monthly collection of non-perishable food stuff for the London food bank. The financial support to the London Anova women's shelter.

In addition 2018 we expanded our mission by becoming involved in new endeavours in meeting the Mission Principal to Abolish Poverty, End Suffering;

  • Partnering with The Mennonite Mission Committee Faith Reintegration Program in London to support Inmates re entering society.
  • The financial sponsorship of a Kenyan student Lucki’s education at Tania in Kenya.
  • The establishment of the Woodfield International Charity Project to raise funds for the installation of the solar/wind generation equipment at Tania Integration center in Kenya.

As Pastor I believe that God's Spirit will lead us to even greater community and connection with each other and the Mission of Christ.

In order for Christ's Mission to be Made Real we need to fully embrace the Mission principles:
Invite people to Christ:
Abolish Poverty, End Suffering;
Pursue Peace on Earth;
Develop Disciples to Serve;
Experience Congregations in Mission;

In the following flow chart I have updated our mission plan broad actions regarding what we have pursued as a congregation in 2018 to meet these principles (in light green). We did not develop a large list of to do items that need to be undertaken all at once, but we set small goals with defined periods of time that built on what Woodfield Community of Christ does already to enhance our response to the call to Mission.


Those outlined in Red were items we developed and achieved in 2018. The items outlined in yellow we began work on. The one box outlined in Black is an area we have not worked on in 2018 and will developed in 2019.


The final chart shows what the Woodfield congregation has done and continues to do well:


Pastor Ron Rowbottom.

Please join us at Woodfield Community of Christ as we move into the new year.

Christs mission is our mission - every day.