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August 2018   Christian education program.

Sunday September 9th at 10:00 am we will be re starting our Christian Education Program.

please review our new Christian Education page on the website for all the details.

Pastors notes:


I want to share my thoughts as the incoming Pastor for 2018.

I am impressed what we have done as a congregation this Christmas with the "Sox Box" collecting 87 pairs of socks, 2 hats, and 4 pairs of mittens for the London Men's Mission support. The monthly collection of non perishable food stuff for the london food bank is also  a meaningful undertaking as is the financial support to the London's women's mission.

As Pastor for 2018 I believe that God's Spirit will lead us to even greater community and connection with each other and the Mission of Christ.

In order for Christ's Mission to be Made Real we need to fully embrace the Mission principles:
Invite people to Christ:
Abolish Poverty, End Suffering;
Pursue Peace on Earth;
Develop Disciples to Serve;
Experience Congregations in Mission;

In the following flow chart I have connected thoughts and broad actions regarding what we may pursue as a congregation in 2018 to meet these principles (in light green). We do not need to develop a large list of to do items that need to be undertaken all at once, but we need to set small goals with defined periods of time to build on what Woodfield Community of Christ does well already to enhance our response to the call to Mission.

This needs to done through discussion and prayerfully to seek God's direction for our congregation's mission.

I look forward to our increased fellowship and sharing in 2018


Please join us at Woodfield Community of Christ as we move into the new year.

Christs mission is our mission - every day.