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June 22, 2019 The installation is complete and the Tania Rehabilitation Center is 100% solar powered.

As an update to the Tania Solar Project Board I am pleased to advise that on June 22nd the Tania center was moved off the electrical grid in Kenya and is now 100% on solar power for the facility and the water borehole.


there is a  short video of the celebration of the turnover to solar on WoodfieldCommunityofChrist youtube channel.


It is interesting that this project started with Joseph and Jennifer’s visit to Woodfield Community of Christ in mid July last summer and the decision by Woodfield Community of Christ to request a proposal and quote through Davis and Shirtliff.


That lead to Pastor David Magnet contacting Community of Christ through the internet as Fairfax Circle Baptist Church (Fairfax Virginia) was already looking at engaging in powering the water borehole due to the fact that Kenya Power was routinely leaving the center without water.


The cost was $69,458 USD of which Circle Baptist raised their commitment of $25,000 USD leaving $44,458 USD ($61,000 CND) to be raised through Woodfield Community of Christ in Canada.


Thanks to the generosity of the five congregations in the southwestern Ontario area of community of Christ that partnered with Woodfield and the support of so many individuals both within and outside Community of Christ that made donations we are able to raise funds as needed.


Our final payment of $6,947 USD ($9,517.39 CND) will be paid on final verification of commissioning of the project later in July marking one year since the request for proposal from Davis and Shirtliff. Woodfield Community of Christ continues to raise funds to ensure payment of the final invoice when required.


Finally, an unexpected side benefit for Tania was the installation of the “sports field” bleachers under the power panel array which was not part of the project cost proposal but I believe was undertaken by Davis and Shirtliff.


Last note: This is the first totally solar powered facility in Kenya and is being praised by Kenyan Power which operates under the Kenyan Government.


Thanks to the Board and the efforts of everyone involved to make this a reality for the Tania Integrated Rehabilitation Center

Update on the Installation prgress for the Tania Solar Project:  May 22, 2019

The Solar generation equipment was delivered May 10th to the Tania site and the installation i9s progress well as of May 21. Attahced are photos of the install work and the centyer will be self sufficient on electrical power and the reliability of water from the borehole.

Funds are still required to complete the project cast in the amount of $29,500 ($20,800 USD).