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London, Ontario.

N6B 2V3                                                                                                                      October 2018



 In order to reduce the uncertainty of raising monthly funds to pay for the electrical usage at the Tania Integrated Institute the Woodfield Community of Christ in partnership with the Fairfax Virginia Circle Baptist Church has established a project team to raise the funds for the installation of a solar generation system to provide electrical power to the Center.

 The system will be a hybrid with the KENGEN main power grid and will provide between 80% to 85% of the centers power needs.

 Several times the centre has struggled to pay the monthly electrical bill and this has resulted in the power generation company disconnecting power to the center as the supply company’s policy only allows for one week after billing to pay the total invoice or power is disconnected until it is paid.

 This results in not only the loss of electrical power for lights and kitchen /classroom equipment but also shuts off the water borehole pump leaving the center without power and water for human usage and for irrigation of crops.

 In sizing the system, we have discussed the current expansion of classroom and dormitory facilities that is taking place as a result of continued need and this will encompass that expansion power.

 The cost of electricity is growing annually and the 2017 audited expenditure was 2,155,663 Kenyan shillings ($28,000 CND). From a business capital investment approach this would indicate a Return on Investment of 3.2 years not accounting for increased electrical costs and the current expansion of the facilities to service more disadvantaged children and youth from the current 165 to over 200.

 Quoted pricing is in Kenyan Shillings and the conversion rate to Canadian Dollars is variable depending on exchange rates so we have set our fund-raising goal at $90,000 Canadian to cover the project.

 The Charitable project team will have no Administrative costs.

Co Team leaders:

Pastor Ron Rowbottom on behalf of Woodfield London Community of Christ  Pastor Rowbottom is a self-sustaining minister and has a Jurist doctorate in Environmental Law. He has been engaged in solar power generation and energy sustainability projects as former Senior Director Environmental Real Estate for a fortune 500 company before retiring.

Pastor David Magnet, Senior Pastor Fairfax Circle Baptist Church graduated from Southern Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky and joined the staff of Fairfax Circle in 1994 as youth Pastor, in 2004 he became the Lead Pastor of the Fairfax circle church.

 The Board of Directors is composed of volunteers from Community of Christ, Fairfax Circle Church and other organizations

 The Tania Integrated Institute is a registered Kenyan Charity and has provided us with full disclosure of their registration and annual reporting forms and audits. In addition, the project meets the requirements of the Canada revenue Agency and donations will be receipted as charitable donations.


We invite you to participate in this charitable endeavour to make the Tania Integrated Institute achieve more self sufficiency regarding a critical segment of the center’s operations. Donations in Canada can be sent to Woodfield Community of Christ, 615 Colborne Street, London, Ontario  N6B 2V3 – Tania Project for Canada Revenue charitable receipt.


Pastor Ron Rowbottom. J.D.




We refer to your enquiry regarding the above and now forward to your attention this quotation, terms and conditions as detailed hereunder:-


To supply a solar power and lighting system to power Tania Integrated Centre.


We specify the following equipment for our system.

a. Multicrystalline Solar Modules.

b. Borehole pump hybrid solar controller

c. 12V Sealed Maintenance free Solar battery.

d. Opti Efecto Inverter.

e. Roof Support structure and battery rack

f. Installation fittings and Labour.

g. Street lights


We have made some adjustments to the proposed solar systems with input from Joseph and also looked at critical areas that need lighting. The design changed slightly and hence the cost reduction. We also discussed servicing the borehole before it is powered by solar and we will continue attending to it after solar has been installed as part of our corporate social responsibility.

Kindly note we have designed hybrid system which can be powered by bother Mains power and Solar with priority given to Solar. Mains power will be the backup and automatically come on when there is no solar. Due to the distances involved between the buildings we designed solar back up units for separate building divided into 5 main sections. For each section the equipment will be in one location.




Summary of equipment needed is in the below table. Specific details of the installations are also shown in subsequent pages


SUMMARY OF EQUIPMENT COST Description (Building)


Amount Ksh (Incl of VAT)


Canadian dollar @77.1 ksh


Section 1 - Borehole pump




Section 1 - Computer lab, classes and salon




Section 2 - Dormitory area and laundry, clinic and office




Section 3 – Director’s House




Section 4 - Staff quarters




Section 5 - Administration, Chicken House, Dairy House, Kitchen and dining hall




Street lights




Ksh 6,970,850

CAD 90,415



 Please note all solar equipment are VAT Exempt. VAT has not been charged on Solar Equipment quoted

 Please note that the quotation does not include the internal wiring and accessories inside the home including the AC lights, which will be provided by others.

 The system is designed as a hybrid system which can use both Solar and Mains Power with preference given to solar

 The above system will power the listed equipment only, hence no more loads should be connected to the system as this would compromise the system performance as designed.

 We do not use solar to power any heating equipment e.g. iron boxes, microwave. Heaters and thus have been omitted in the solar system

 The equipment offered is designed to power the equipment for the number of hours indicated.

 Our sizing has been carried assuming usage of energy saving lights, which is highly recommended for efficient operation of the system.

 We have also provided for 10% allowance, and therefore the system can be able to run a few other small loads like charging cell phones.


Davis & Shirtliff d&   systems certification ISO 9001-2000 SGS.


The project team has requested a further quote based on adopting a hybrid of solar and wind generation due to the abundance of wind at the center.


Welcome to the Tania Integrated Centre!  We are a Community Based Organisation (CBO) which caters to children with physical impairments and other disabilities.  The Center is registered as a charitable children’s institution with the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Development.  The Centre currently services 165 children aged 2 to 17.


 Visit the web site at:

July  08, 2018

Woodfield is working with Community of Christ church member Chuck Boyd from Toronto in his endeavours to support the school. Chuck has been going to the center to teach each year and he will also be part of the presentation.

 We have partnered with the center to provide for the education of Lucky a student at the center..

Tania Integrated Center:

The Tania Integrated Centre is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) which caters to children with physical impairments and other disabilities.  The Center is registered as a charitable children’s institution with the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Development.  The Centre currently services 171 children aged 2 to 17.

  • Our mission is to provide children with disabilities, orphans, and other vulnerable children with education, and to equip them with self-reliance skills for future independence.
  • Our vision is to create and nurture a society where all people, including children, are not discriminated against, and have a sure foundation for the future regardless of their disabilities.
  • Our Core Values:
    • We believe that all children are a gift from God.
    • We believe in the spirit of equity and equality regardless of gender, and that all children must be provided with equal opportunities in life.
    • We believe in God and biblical teachings and that all children ought to be guided accordingly.
  • Our Objectives:
    • To promote and provide a holistic child development approach through education and other avenues
    • To sensitize parents in the Maasai community to the value of formal education, particularly for girls and children with disabilities, who often miss out on education
    • To rehabilitate and provide basic and quality education to children of both genders with disabilities
    • To rehabilitate and provide basic needs, including medical care and education, to street children
    • To enable orphans and destitute children to have access to basic and quality education.
    • To provide a home, schooling facilities, and basic needs for the Maasai children rescued from early forced marriages, female genital mutilation (FGM), and the street children of Kiserian, Nairobi, and Kajiado areas and the greater Maasai land areas.
    • To harness and utilize the available natural resources to enhance sound, sustainable management of the surrounding environment


The Tania Centre vision began when the daughter of Jennifer and Joseph Kigunda asked her parents to help her friend pay her school fees.  Paying for school for one child led to another, and another, and another, until today, when the Tania Centre serves 165 children, ages 2 to 17, on their property in Kona Baridi.


Jennifer and Joseph Kigunda, founders and directors of the Tania Centre, have been educating and working with the deaf and Maasai communities in Kenya for 30 years.  Joseph has worked with the Kenyan Ministry of Education to standardize Kenyan sign language and promote its use around the country.  The Kigundas also helped to found the Karen Technical Training Institute for the Deaf, Kenya’s first post-secondary school for deaf students.


The Tania Integrated School teaches children from nursery class up through class 8, including a self-contained special needs class that focuses on life skills.  Our students follow the Kenyan curriculum, and are also exposed to instrumental music classes, computer classes, and sign language classes.


Visit the web site at: